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Why Sell Your Car 2 Jay?

When it comes to selling a car, the norm is for people to haggle and attempt to lower the price. This can happen in various scenarios such as when doing a complicated part-exchange transaction, private buyers inspecting the car and identifying any possible reasons not to buy, or simply because the seller requires quick cash. However, opting to sell your car through offers a more straightforward process.

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Car Price Guarantee

The act of bargaining to lower the price is a common occurrence when selling a car. This may arise from a complex part-exchange agreement, potential buyers scrutinising the vehicle, and finding any possible reason to avoid purchasing it, or the seller’s urgency to obtain quick cash. 

However, opting to sell through offers a more hassle-free experience. 

Quick, Easy and Convenient

Nowadays, our society values speed, simplicity, and convenience. You can rapidly compare hundreds of websites to find affordable car insurance or book a trip to destinations like Australia or Los Angeles in just a few minutes. 

Therefore, why should selling your car be a lengthy process? On average, selling a car privately takes approximately 34.5 days – a cumbersome ordeal.

Fortunately, with, you can sell your vehicle and receive the payment in your bank account within 20 minutes. Jay’s customers are consistently astounded at how swift and effortless it is to sell their second largest asset after their home.

Secure “faster” payment

Jay will transfer your money direct in to your bank account using faster payments electronic transfer, giving you total peace of mind. You will get a sale invoice and a confirmation of transfer from HSBC with a unique transaction code.

Money is usually instant, however, can take up to 2 hours subject to normal fraud checks by both banks. Feel free to wait until the money has cleared before you had the keys over.

Jay Will Buy Any Car

Regardless of the car make and model, whether it’s a 1996 Ford Fiesta or a 2015 Range Rover Sport, Jay is willing to purchase it. In some cases, it may take longer to provide an accurate valuation if the car is unique or special. However, Jay has an excellent network of specialist dealers located throughout the country, which means that he can buy any car.

Typically, the money transfer is instantaneous, although in some cases, it may take up to 2 hours due to standard fraud checks by both banks. You are welcome to wait until the money has cleared before handing over the keys.

Local Trusted Car Buyer

When you decide to sell your car through, you are, in fact, selling it to Jay. Although there is a team working in the background, Jay is responsible for valuing your car, while Jay meets with you, and ultimately, Jay is the one who pays you for your vehicle. Many of our customers appreciate dealing with someone they are familiar with, and Jay’s local presence and trustworthiness make this possible. 

Furthermore, since he is not constrained by corporate regulations, Jay can provide you with a much more enjoyable experience when selling your car.

Any Make, Any Model

Whether your car is a Mercedes or a Mini, a Lamborghini or a Lotus, Jay will make an offer on your car regardless of its make and condition.